I was a coach several years ago and want to renew my membership. Do I still have my certifications?

Your certifications will not go away, but to stay current you must have current CPR and First Aid Certifications and stay current with continuing education credits (Only applies for Alpine at this time).

In order to keep your coaching certification status current, a Continuing Education credit is required every two years based on the membership season. Continuing education opportunities may provide full or partial credit.  Coaches are responsible to report their approved continuing education activities to U.S. Ski & Snowboard Sport Education. 


To read more about what we accept for continuing education please visit this website: https://usskiandsnowboard.org/sport-development/coaches-development

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Posted: Fri, Apr 1, 2016 1:58 PM
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Posted: Jennifer Wright [jwright@ussa.org]

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