I receive an error when trying to register for an event on AdminSkiRacing.com, SkiReg.com, Active.com, GoRunSignUp.com

Eastern Region uses SkiReg (www.skireg.com) for our regional events: all FIS races, regional championships, and training project registrations.


All the 8 divisions within the East use other services. In VARA, you have to use AdminSkiRacing.com. In NYSSRA many (but not all) use AdminSkiRacing.com. Venues in NHARA use all kinds of services: AdminSkiRacing.com, SkiReg.com, Active.com, GoRunSignUp.com… the list goes on.


If it’s a regional or FIS event, it’s all on www.SkiReg.com and they can read more about it in the Eastern Handbook which is linked on our Governance page. If it’s any other event, it would be done on whatever terms the division sets forth, so I would steer them to the divisional leadership:


MARA – Laurel Lashar llashar@sugarloaf.com

NHARA - Bev Oliver bevol@comcast.net

NYSSRA - Dirk Gouwens dirkg@nyssra.org

NJSRA - Jorgen Brich jorgen.brich@gmail.com

PARA – David Bond drbond@verizon.net

SARA – Sean McKee stumpy@skisugar.com

TSASRA – Laura Sullivan lauracsullivan@gmail.com

VARA - Julie Woodworth julie@vara.org


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